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Our windows are made of three-layer laminated wood profile, dried on ...

optimal 10% moisture according to European DIN standards, which enables quality production and manipulation during production.

From different types of wood in the offer we can single out: Spruce, Oak, Larch, Meranti ... We offer 3 profiling systems: 68mm, 78mm, 92mm which are from our own production.

We produce wooden and wood-aluminum windows with double or triple glazing. The highest quality IZO glass of various thicknesses provides maximum sound and heat insulation. Ug = 1.1, 0.7 or 0.6 W / m2 * K. Maximum window functionality is achieved with high-quality hardware from GU and ROTO.

Wood-aluminum windows are an ingenious product of window systems because the heat of the wood on the inside makes a comfortable stay in the home, while the aluminum on the outside is resistant to all weather conditions, which allows simple and easy maintenance.

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