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From the offer we single out the fire entrance door to the apartment SC EI 30. It is characterized by the following technical characteristics ..

- Fire and smoke for 30 minutes.
- The door can be obtained in a folding and folding system.
- The base and filling of the sash is made of a special fireproof plate 44 mm thick.
- The door leaf is covered on both sides with 4 mm thick MDF. It is also possible to glue natural veneer of spruce or oak 0.6 mm horizontal or vertical.
- The total wing thickness is 52 mm.
- Sound insulation is Rw = 30 dB.
- Climate class C.
- The stock is made of special fire protection plates 30 and 22 mm.
- Stock can only be obtained in the Classic version.
- Hinges for the folding system are SFS Intec H-112, and for the folding system TE 340 3D.
- Door locks are from the renowned manufacturer SOLIDO single lock and security lock manufacturer DORMA KABA 3x locking.
- The handles that we offer as standard are MARCHESI Gehrung which, in addition to the fire safety certificate, also have an RC 2 anti-burglary certificate.
- ATHMER Schall-EX automatic wing seal.
- It is also possible to mount a visual door closer from GEZE TS 3000MCR 2001 P PS on the door.

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