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WOOD 78 mm

Profile IV 78 in the Massive line is made of laminated elements, which achieves the greatest possible stability and resistance to deformations and cracks.

It is glazed with three-layer glass IZO Low 4 + 12 + 4 + 12 + 4 Low Argon, but it is possible to install other combinations of three-layer glass in accordance with your requirements. The sealing is double, EPDM seals are used, which have good resistance to temperature differences and are resistant to acrylic coatings.

In the lower part of the frame and the sash, an aluminum anodized dripper with tonsils has been installed, which represents additional protection of the windows from atmospheric influences. Swivel tilting fittings from a top, world-class manufacturer allow easy opening along the horizontal and vertical axes. The product is surface treated with biocidal protection, one intermediate layer and a final varnish, all joints are specially protected.